After every party, we send our customers a survey card to fill out. Those that respond go on our referral list.

We’re proud to share them with you.

Appropriate attire is worn at all weddings and formal events. Other times, the attire is more casual to fit the type of event.

It is the policy of Dance Party Productions for each client to meet their DJ before any contract is signed.  This way, your DJ will develop a strong connection with the client and this will help your DJ to understand everything you want done.

Depending on if you’ve requested a light show, anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours prior to your start time.

Absolutely! As with most electronics, there are never signs of problems before it stops working! That’s why we come prepared! We carry “backup equipment” to all our events. “Not on hand” as some other DJs claim they do.

Yes.  Performance information as well as cancellations, deposit, and final payment policies are all extremely important matters. Every function to be performed require an agreement in writing between Dance Party Productions and the client.

As with all event planning, sooner the better. Most popular dates book early and in some cases, this can be up to two years in advance. Book early to get what you want. Waiting till the last minute may be disappointing.

All events performed by Dance Party Productions require a signed contract from the client along with a Deposit. This will ensure your date will be reserved. We accept all major credit cards.



There is no travel charge within a 30 mile radius from our business location. Travel beyond the radius would be included in our quote to you. We don’t charge for set up or break down of equipment. If your venues only access to set up is by stairs or inadequate elevator. It would be impossible for 1 person to lift equipment up stairs. A DJ Assistant will be needed to help with equipment set up. Therefore a small fee would be needed. In the case of venues who have ramps and will not allow DJs or other vendors to used them. This fee will also apply. Please consult your venue.

In an effort to save money or because of lack of knowledge, many DJs use consumer grade home equipment in their system.  There is a difference.  We use professional equipmentsuch as: JBL, Mackie, Pioneer, QSC, Furman, Shure to name a few.   Dance Party Productions will provide a  professional high quality sound system suited for your event.  All systems are neatly installed in clean rack mounted roadcases.

From the initial meeting with Dance Party Productions, our goal is to provide the best, worry-free, fun for you and your guests.  We just won’t play music during your function.  From our first meeting to the end of your function. We will invest nearly 25 hours planning your function. A full time staff is always here and happy to assist you in the planning stages or just to answer any questions you may have.  Plus we will supply you with all copyrighted planning forms to make your party a success!

Lastly, we will act as you Master Of Ceremony

Your DJ should take an active part in your function.

At Dance Party Productions all of our DJs will be happy to assist you in the following:

  • Direct all event activities
  • Coordinate your function with photographer, wedding consultant, banquet manager
  • Follow your pre-approved planner
  • Make all announcements
  • Insure Bride/Groom are ready for each activity

Overtime is always available. It is offered in 30 minute increments and can be arranged near the end of the original contracted time.

Yes! Dance Party Productions has over 1 million songs.There is something for everyone. It is always being up-dated with new music. If you hear it on the radio or at a dance club, we already have it! But please remember we will play your guests selection, if it’s a music type appropriate for your function.

Soft background music for cocktail and dinner.

NEVER!!!!!  This is your function.  Dance Party Productions DJs are there to work.  It is not permitted under any circumstances.   While performing, setting up or breaking down.

Your event is very important to us as it is to you.  Dance Party Productions personnel have NEVER MISSED A SHOW in all the years we’ve been in the business.  But just in case…. We keep one DJ from our staff on “standby mode” for emergencies.

Because all of our audio systems incorporate the latest technology, it would be better to add any music to your music to play sheets. Any music suggested must fit within the limits of the event. The DJ will have the final say.

We will be happy to play any music the client brings. As long it is legal and not copied music. Any music brought by guests must fit within the limits of the event. The DJ will have final say.

The answer to that question is NO!!!!!!! First of all it is ILLEGAL !!!!! A Disc Jockey is not exempt from copyright laws. The law is simple: Duplication copyright sound recordings for professional disc jockey purposes without the authorization of the sound copyright owner is a violation. Violators can be liable up to $100,000.00 per recording. I have heard in some cases DJ functions were forced to stop. CD MUSIC and EQUIPMENT seized and removed! You as a customer might be tempted to sign with a DJ who seems cheap in prices. But is your function worth all this!

The agency that enforces this policy is the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA). One of their jobs is to show up at functions to check up to see if music has been duplicated.

Because of our exposure. Record companies send us advanced promotion copies of future music. Our DJs also subscribe to many music services ONLY  for PROFESSIONAL DJs. These services are the same used by many radio stations.

Because of this approach – Dance Party Productions will guarantee you will have the latest music played at your function.

View a sample of our music current playlist

The biggest mistake most people make is that this is the ONLY question they ask! Why would a great DJ service charge a fraction of the going rate? The DJ service whoever you decide is the most important factor in the success of your event. Ever go to a party as a guest and the entertainment was real bad. Everyone leaves early. Everyone loses. Our service is based on VALUE vs just looking in the phone book. Calling 20 Djs and booking a cheap service on the phone. We are not that type of service. A professional service will set-up an appointment with you. Let’s be honest, is that the way your going to book a photographer or venue.

Don’t be fooled… You do get what you pay for!
Factors effecting the price include:

  • Day of the week
  • Time of the year
  • If we need to climb stairs to set up
  • Distance to your function
  • Type of party
  • If we need to provide a tent for dj and equipment
  • Light show requested
  • Larger sound system needed
  • Karaoke requested
  • Props (leis, inflatables, maracas, and more)
  • Contest give a ways
  • Other options

The sun can cause just as much damage to our equipment as the rain! Also, how often did Mr. Weatherman say it was going to be sunny only to have it rain? Each DJ brings about $40,000 worth of audio equipment and music to each function.

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Top 10 Disc Jockey Misconceptions

Parties by definition are an entertainment function. It’s the entertainment that drives every function. Studies have shown the your DJ Entertainment is responsible for 80% of the final result of your funtion. However, customers would rather spent $15,000 on food and nice flowers and venue. Then take left over money – Find a budget DJ. Thinking all DJs are the same.

DJs need an extensive knowledge of music. This knowledge must encompass 70 years of popular music of all styles. Guests often make requests without knowing either the correct song title or artists and the DJ must be able to figure it out.

Professional quality audio gear is big and heavy. It does not fit in the trunk of a passenger car. Vans and trucks are essential for transporting Professional DJ sound equipment, lighting, and music libraries.

The average set up time for a Professional DJ is about 1 hour. Some venues can take over twice that time where access is hindered by: lack of an elevator, ramp, parking proximity. The amount and type of equipment required for large shows can also add to the set up time.

Good parties don’t just happen on their own without some guidance. The key is EXPERIENCE. The only person at the party who has total control of the pace is the DJ.

There is no formal institution or training facility for mobile DJs. If a DJ makes their job look easy, it is because he has learned his trade only one way: Experience. Learning the control functions of a computer or CD player is easy. However, smooth presentation and music mixing takes years behind the console. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

DJs are not guests at parties. They are working under pressure and have a huge responsibility for the outcome of the event. People often rank their Weddings as the most important day of their lives next to the day their children are born. Yet they will give this responsibility to the lowest bidder. The stress levels and expectations run very high during these events. After all the planning and expenses are invested the ultimate outcome of a Wedding is placed almost solely in the hands of the DJ.

The length of a party is only a small fraction of the time a DJ invests in that event. It is the only part that you see. Consultations, equipment upkeep, music library maintenance and daily routine of business operations are all critical in making that show a success.

Like every business, DJs incur continuing costs of doing business. Transportation, insurance, postage, office supplies, advertising, promotion, telephone, repairs, new music and equipment, office rent, labor are just a few of normal expenses.

To say that DJs are all alike is to say that people are all alike. Never assume that recorded music levels the playing field. Personalities on the microphone can vary as much as a singers. Experience and music knowledge all mean a big difference. DJs have their own unique style, music and presentation. A good DJ can adjust their style to fit the event. A presentation at a Junior High School party should be a lot different than a Retirement Dinner Dance or a Wedding. Experienced DJs know the difference and you should be aware of the many subtle and substantial differences that distinguish Mobile DJ Entertainers.